Consulting Services

Cinema has been in my family for four generations – my great-grandfather operated the Butterfield theater chain in Michigan from the early 1900s to the early 1980s. Thirty years later, I found myself working at a former Butterfield theater, the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor, while managing the Art House Convergence. My passion is bringing people together around film, whether that is producing a film, organizing a screening, or supporting exhibitors’ professional development.

From development through exhibition, idea to large-scale event, I’ve collaborated with many people and projects in the past decade for successful films and programs. Current and past clients include Tales of Europe, Europa Cinemas, IndieCollect, Dear Producer, The Eyeslicer, and 44 Pages.

+ Script Coverage + Notes
+ Post-Producing Services
+ Festival Strategy
+ Distribution Strategy
+ Theatrical Booking
+ Lecturer/Panelist on contemporary exhibition & distribution issues

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