By February 16, 2013Project Updates

Director: Veerendra Prasad
Producer: Barbara Twist
Writer: Amy Butler
Director of Photography: Alan Torres

An indie feature film about Jessica, an under-employed law school grad who enters into an arrangement with a wealthy older man to pay off her mounting student loan debt.

Principal photography completed. Currently in post-production. (Edit: Completed as of June 2015.)

This is the first film I have produced, and I have been having a lot of fun. My experience with film comes from directing and writing, so being the producer really opened my eyes to a whole other side of filmmaking. It is a creative role, and yet, part of your creativity is used in ways like how to shrink the budget while maximizing the on-screen aesthetic and fulfilling the director’s vision, or how to manage relationships between all the different crew members. I came on board last year when Amy & Prasad were about six months in the writing process. I worked with them through the writing process, helping to plan for production. We initially planned to shoot in August 2012, but due to scheduling conflicts, we pushed back to January 2013. Naturally, this required re-writing, as well as re-casting and adjusting several of our key crew members. We arrived at the new year with expectations and flights booked to begin shooting on January 3rd, and then our lead actress had a medical emergency and was unable to shoot in January. She asked us to recast instead of putting the film on hold again, and so we recast in a matter of days (five days to be exact), and began principal photography on January 5th, 2013 with Claire Richards as our lead actress.

Due to our rescheduling to January, I was unable to be on set for the bulk of the shooting due to a business trip to Utah. (I work for an art house theater, and am the conference administrator for an art house conference called the Art House Convergence) Most of my producing work was done before and after the shoot, and I had many phone conversations checking in, and coordination payroll, etc. while away. This film did require quite a bit of managing in terms of finances because we have a micro-budget (read $30k), which made it more difficult to acquire certain set items, locations and wardrobe. I feel really great about the budget, however, in that we made a personal goal to pay all of the key crew members, something which does not often happen on an ultra-low budget film. We felt it was particularly important, especially as it related to the film’s story, since many of our key crew members are recent college graduates.

Now we are on to post-production, and I am looking forward to getting the word out, fundraising & grant-writing for film finishing funds, and getting our film to your screens!

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